About 200 Allegiant Airlines customers were stuck in Las Vegas. The airlines canceled their flights and only told them there will be no flights for at least two more days. According to passengers, Allegiant only sent them an email in which they promised to send a $ 300 check in the next 7-10 days and a promise that if they choose to fly from Vegas with another airline, they will return the ticket price. But that didn’t clam the passengers down.

“They gave us no money for food, all the cars were borrowed, we didn’t have a hotel room.” said Alana Buckner, passenger.

The airline spokesman said that the company was sorry for the incident and the problems and apologized for the last-minute cancellation. It was all caused by a technical problem on the plane.

“They closed the door in front of us. At the airport counter we asked for some of higher position but they just told us he was on vacation. And then they just told us they couldn’t help us any more and that we should leave, otherwise they would call airport security.” add Alana.

Some of the passengers, therefore, decided to pay for a ticket with another company – even if it cost up to $ 1,500.

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