Low ticket sales have forced major airlines to cancel some connections. Often the only ones that directly connected two different airports. For example the only connection between Birmingham and the United States – flight operated by United Airlines, landing in Newark for the last time on 5th October. United had operated this connection for the past twenty years.

“Regretfully, we had to make this decision because the connection was very unprofitable. Passengers who have already purchased tickets for later connections will be offered alternative solutions.” said United Airlines.

United also cancels Glasgow-Newark flights for six months. And another example. This time, British Airways. They will cancel connection from Heathrow, London to the two largest cities in the west of Norway. Bergen and Stavanger. That’s from October 28th.

“We apologize for any problems our decision may cause.” said British Airways.

And what is the main reason for the cancellations? – Low-cost airlines started to operate on similar routes. In this direction, the main power have Norwegian Airlines, which set dominating the market of long-distance flights between Europe and America as one of its main strategic objectives.

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