Casper Read was fifteen years old when he was on his way to his grandparents from London Gatwick to France. Suddenly, the airline’s staff called on him to leave the plane because another man was claiming his seat.

“There was my son and an adult man for one seat. And that gentleman was very upset about the situation. I do not know if it was a random choice or if they chose Casper as a simpler solution, but it’s wrong.” said Stephanie Portal, Casper´s mother.

According to Casper’s mother, the staff first told her son to go to the cockpit. He thought they were going to give him a different seat. But instead, he was led straight out of the plane and was told to find out the next step at the airline’s counter.

“They let him go all through the airport, no one waited for him to to help him. And despite the fact that the airlines had three flight on this route that day, they put him in the last one. He had to wait at the airport for 10 hours.” add Stephanie.

The airlines have apologized for the incident, offered compensation, and say they are investigating the incident. For this particular flight, they said they had sold 5 extra tickets because they expected someone wouldn’t show up.


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