Ethiopia Airlines is discussing takeover of Arik Air, the largest airline in Nigeria. The East African carrier itself claims to be ready and able to take over the Nigerian airlines.

During last year, Arik Air was plagued by financial problems that culminated in the government having to take over the airline. Otherwise, the airlines wouldn’t be able to repay leased aircraft and would lose it. And that would be a definitive end not only for the company itself but, above all, for its employees who were facing a threat of being laid off.

First signs of Arik Air’s problems arose last September – when the airlines had to stop all traffic for one day due to unpaid insurance. Which caused thousands of stranded passengers across the country. And the country’s own economic policy has further deepened the problems. Due to the economic crisis which has made it impossible to officially exchange and apply dollars in the country, airlines like United Airlines or Emirates have withdrawn from Nigeria. Therefore, the local airline market lost a large supply of customers. Which, among other things, caused the collapse of Aero Contractors – the oldest airline in the country.

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