From Pardubice to London

In Pardubice, Irish airline Ryanair started operating flights to London. There will be flight between Pardubice and the Stansted airport every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The low-cost carrier provides flights with a Boeing 737-800 with 189 seats. The first flight from London was filled by 60 percent, the flight to the British capital was full.

In recent years, the airport was focused on charter flights, mainly on Russian clientele and the transportation was provided by a single carrier. But two years ago, Transaero Airlines moved its Moscow line to Prague Airport. When it went bankrupt, Pardubice also lost the line to St. Petersburg.

From this year, Pardubice airport is once again operating flights to Russia – it is operated by Rossiya and flights to Moscow have been restored. Airport sees rising number of passengers, it expects more clients from flights to London.

“We have now managed to bring together a company that will connect Pardubice with Western Europe. The London Airport is one of the most important destinations in terms of air traffic, which can be used as a transit point for flights around the world,” said Pardubice airport.

However, the connection with the east is not lagging behind and it’s possible that other destinations will soon be added. EBA Company, which operates the airport, will finish a new terminal for 256 million crowns at the end of the year to improve services. At the same time, it establishes the so-called SkyClub. It will be an association of supporters of the Pardubice airport, self-government representatives and legal entities from the public and private sphere. They should help with promotion, professional consultations or even contribute financially. - Hodinky Bering nejvýhodněji

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