Airbus makes every effort to extend the life of its flag machine – the A380. A new order for this aircraft has not been accepted for over a year, and the factory has reduced its production below one per month. But according to Bloomberg, the future of the A380 depends on a single thing – order from the Emirates. The Server found out from behind-the-scenes sources in the company.

“The leaving sales chief John Leahy will try to close orders at the November aeroshow in Dubai.” said Bloomberg.

And even though the A380 deals are not only made with Emirates, an order from this Gulf carrier is the key one. There are talks of approximately 20 pieces of these air giants for nearly $ 9 billion.

“Airbus seems to feel that production with small orders ranging from 5 to 10 pieces of A380s will not hold.” add Blooomberg.

These – quoted – small orders are expected, according to background information, from owner of British Airways AIG, Japanese ANA or Thai Airways International. The A380 can accommodate 550 passengers in a standard layout. At the Paris aeroshow, Airbus introduced a slightly modified version of this plane – A380 plus which added winglets to help save fuel. The company also wants to change the seat layout so that 80 seats are added to the standard version. Which should reduce the cost per passenger by 13 percent.

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