Daniel Roche – a man who is fascinated by air crashes and spent years looking for human remains after airplane accidents on Mont Blanc, reports a discovery. And not just an ordinary one. The remains that he found on the highest mountain of Europe, could belong to the victims of one of the Air India crashes. This airline experienced two tragedies on Mont Blanc – in 1966 Boeing 707 crashed there on the way from Bombay to New York. All 117 people on board died. In 1950, during another plane crash of this airline, 48 people died.

“Until now, I have never found such significant body remains. They almost certainly belong to one of the passengers. At this point, it is difficult to choose between these two flights.” said Daniel Roche, investigator.

Some parts of a hand and a foot were found – not of the same victim. The DNA analysis identified them as a 40-year-old shoemaker and his 37-year-old wife. They disappeared 75 years ago.

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