Construction of the new Berlin airport will be completed by August 2018, an airport operator announced. The construction of Berlin Brandenburg began in 2006 and, according to the original plans, the airport was to be operational by autumn 2011. Due to various technical problems, the deadline was moved several times.

The start date of the first flights hasn’t yet been published – but the opening date is to be announced by the operator this year.

Berlin has two airports at this time, Tegel and Schönefeld. The new airport was originally supposed to replace these two airports. But now there are fears that it will be too small by the opening. Both airports checked-in 33 million passengers last year. Flight capacity of the new airport, which will be named after the former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, will be 27 million passengers.

Schonefeld Airport located in the southeast should remain open for several years after the opening of Brandenburg Airport. On September 24th, residents of Berlin will decide in a referendum whether Tegel airport in the northwest city will remain opened. - Hodinky Bering nejvýhodněji

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