Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary acts like he doesn’t want to give his crystal ball out of hand. And after he predicted that in five years there will remain only five European airlines, he prepared another message for one of his competitors. This time talked about Norwegian – more than harshly. According to him, this airline won’t survive the winter.

“Norwegian will disappear within five months. It has no money. Every day is just crawling into the next one for this airline,” said O´Leary.

But Norwegian has more than 200 aircraft ordered at this time.

“Norwegian has a huge order of aircraft, but the airline has no money with which it could pay for that order,” he add.

According to O’Leary, the future breakdown of Norwgian is like a public secret that no one is speaking about. The airline itself, however, considers that to be just a gossip. It doesn’t understand how O’Leary can say such thing at all, given that the Norwegian has been profitable for the last ten years.

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