After this scandal, not only aviation news began to focus on the practice of airlines selling more tickets than seats on the plane. Airlines have always defended themselves by saying that each flight has its “no shows”, that is, people who don’t come to the departure. Meanwhile, quite quietly, they all started to drop this practice. Especially because of visibility of the cases in the media.

And abandoning these practices has led to a decline in the number of American passengers who were thrown out of the crowded planes to the lowest level since 1995 when this figure began to be watched. In the first half of this year, “only” one passenger out of 19,000 was thrown out of the airplane because of the crowded flight.

Restricting this practice was triggered by a scandal from this April when the security forcibly dragged one passenger out of the plane operated by the United Airlines at Chicago Airport. The passenger was Dr. David Dao who was selected as a “volunteer” to leave the crowded plane. But Dao didn’t want to deal with it and so it all ended with violence and blood.

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