Finally, we can praise some of the airlines for their approach to passengers. Specifically, Southwest Airlines and their help to a mother who was experiencing a huge family crisis.

When Peggy Uhle got on board of the plane from Chicago to Columbus, she switched off the phone. The aircraft was already on the taxiway and was about to start when it suddenly turned around and returned to the gate. None of the passengers on board had any idea what was happening at the time. Suddenly a flight attendant came to Peggy and asked her to go out of the plane.

“I thought I’d boarded the wrong plane but at the terminal the agent told me to call my husband right away.” said Peggy Uhle.

Peggy heard the worst news a mother could hear. Her 24-year-old son had a heavy head injury and is in a coma at a Denver hospital. At that point, the airlines became her closest friend – they redirected her ticket for free and did many other things for her.

“They allowed me to wait in private, redirected my luggage to Denver and then brought it to me straight to the hotel. When I left the airplane in Denver they gave me some food on the road, and then they also called me about how my son was doing.” add Peggy.

And the story has a happy ending – Peggy’s son has recovered completely and has not had any consequences.

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