None of the people on board will ever forget this landing. One of the passengers’ footage shows RaynAir’s flight from the Canary Islands landing at Leeds Bradford Airport. But as soon as Boeing 737-800 landed on the runway, the passengers were literally thrown out of their seats and started screaming.

“The pilot already fought with the control during landing. I do not know if it was too fast or too slow, I can not say without the knowledge of its speed and height. I fly often, but this was the first time I thought the front of the chassis had to be broken.” said Craig, the passenger.

Written by author of the video. Ryanair, on the other hand, praised the pilot for handling the situation well.

“The airplane was landing during a strong wind. It landed normally and safely. The front wheel was not endangered, this explanation is very misleading and hypersensitive.” said Rayanair.

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