Ryanair is ready to make an offer for Alitalia’s aircraft. And not a small one – the Irish low-cost airlines, according to its boss Michael O’Leary, could be interested in up to 90 machines. The offer should be official during the first week of October. “We are ready to take over airplanes for both short- and long-haul connections. Alitalia specifically has a very interesting fleet of machines capable of long-haul routes.” said O´Leary.

And, according to O’Leary, it wouldn’t be a problem that Ryanair has its air fleet composed of Boeings only. By taking over the aircraft from Alitalia, Ryanair would add Airbuses to its squadron as well.

“We’ve already made offer to Air Lingus three times – this airline has Airbuses as well. The fact is that if an airline has Airbuses in its squadron, it also has trained pilots and technicians who are able to take care of these machines.” he added.

But Ryanair won’t be interested in turboprop machines. The Irish company has no use for them. However, the problem of taking over Alitalia’s squadron will still be elsewhere – the company doesn’t own most of the aircraft, it leased them instead. Alitalia has 103 machines at this time. However, O’Leary sees an option in using the Italian air carrier’s machines under the Alitalia brand.

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