EBLM J0555-57Ab. This is paradoxically the name of the smallest star discovered by an international team of scientists from Cambridge University in the UK. We in Up News have given it nickname Emblik. The newly discovered star, which is just a little larger than Saturn, is 600 light-years away from Earth. Gravity on its surface is 300 times larger than on Earth. Scientists are of the opinion that a smaller star can no longer be.

“If the star was made with a slightly lower weight, the hydrogen fusion reaction in the nucleus would no longer be sustainable, so the star would turn into a brown dwarf.” said Alexander Betticher, scientist.

Brown dwarf. The name for a cosmic body, which, like a star, is created, but due to its low weight, no thermonuclear reactions can occur. Emblik is part of a binary star system. The scientists discovered it as it moved from the perspective of Earth in front of its larger companion.

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