It has been more than 3 years since the tragedy and there is still nothing specific known about it. Where did the Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappear? Why was it lost from the radar? There is no clear answer to any of these questions. But now, scientists came with at least a small lead. – They have narrowed the search area to three locations.

It is based on satellite footage from 2014 on which scientists see the remains of something created by man. According to them it could be the remains of the lost Boeing 777 with 239 people on board.

“Of course we can´t be sure if that is the wreckage of the lost plane. At the same time, we can´t ignore such a clue.” said Australian Oceanographic Institute.

Malaysia, China, and Australia have decided to stop the search a while ago until there are clear signs of where the wreckage could be found. - Hodinky Bering nejvýhodněji

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