The US authorities identified another victim of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York on September 11th, 2001. This is the last such identification since March 2015. According to official data, 2,753 people died in this attack, but 40 percent of them have not yet been identified.

Members of the militant Islamic organization Al-Qaeda hijacked two planes with which they crashed into the World Trade Center towers.

The north tower was “sent to the ground” by Boeing 767-223ER belonging to American Airlines. The plane originally flew from Boston to Los Angeles. 92 people were aboard the aircraft, including the terrorists.

The second aircraft flew on the same route, it was also Boeing 767-223ER but this one belonged to United Airlines. It hit the southern tower. 65 dead aboard of the aircraft, including the terrorists. The World Trade Center collapsed within two hours of this incident.

But other attacks continued. The third plane crashed into Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense in the capital of the United States of America, Washington. The American Airlines flight 77 was a regular daily transcontinental connection from Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia to Los Angeles International Airport. It was Boeing 757 with 64 people aboard.

The fourth aircraft missed its target. The United Airlines flight 93 was a domestic connection from Newark to San Francisco. It was hijacked by four terrorists who got into the cockpit, overpowered the pilots and gained control of the aircraft. They were heading to Washington. It is speculated that their goal was the White House or the United States Capitol. But several passengers had connected with people on the ground through mobile phones and learned about the New York attacks.

Therefore the passengers decided to overpower the terrorists and prevent another attack. After a fight between them and the terrorists, the plane collapsed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. None of the 44 people on board survived.

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