A Korean Air aircraft with 211 people aboard was heading from Seoul to Zurich. But dispatchers lost connection with the plane flying over Germany. That is why two German army jets were sent into the air and forced the South Korean machine to land in Stuttgart. After landing it turned out that the onboard radio was faulty.

A similar case occurred recently in Bavaria, where flight controllers could not connect with an Egyptian cargo plane. Again, the German Air Force forced the machine to land, and after landing it turned out that the crew had chosen the wrong frequency for communication.

During summer holidays, these cases occur more frequently. The reason is heavier airspace traffic. But army airplanes take off only when transport vehicles fly over sensitive areas, such as power stations or big cities.

Germans undoubtedly remember another case from this March, when the flight service had to warn five German nuclear power stations that a possible unwelcome guest might visit them. The aircraft headed for London was silent. Its communication means failed to operate in Hungary.

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