United Technologies will buy a manufacturer of aircraft parts, Rockwell Collins. One of the world’s largest suppliers of components for civilian and military aircraft will emerge. The agreed price is 30 billion dollars. United Technologies manufactures Pratt and Whitney aircraft engines. But also Carrier air conditioning or Otis lifts. The company will pay 140 dollars for one share of Rockwell Collins. It will partly pay in cash and partly in shares. The total price, 30 billion dollars, also includes debt of Rockwell Collins. The new division should be named Collins Aerospace Systems. United Technologies supplies aircraft engines to Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer, as well as fighters F35 to company Lockheed Martin. But it also has important components such as landing gears, air conditioning systems or engine covers. Rockwell Collins is a major supplier of aircraft electronics for Boeing, Airbus and other manufacturers. This year’s production has expanded to seats, airplane interiors, kitchens and toilets.

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