The passenger will not forget about this experience. As she says, she will never feel safe again during flights . During a flight with American Airlines to Paris she woke up and the cabin crew informed her that the man sitting nex to to her masturbated while looking at her. Which would not be the worst yet. The cabin staff also informed her that she could not move and she had to spend the rest of the trip next to the “masturbator”.

“What American Airlines crew did not do – did not wake me up when they learned about the incident and did not move me to a safe place. They did not accept my request to move somewhere else. Instead they let me sit next to a sexual assailant for the rest of the flight. I had been crying the whole time, shaking, trying not to vomit.” said Mrs. King.

American Airlines issued a sterile statement for the incident.

“The main goal of American Airlines is to ensure safe and comfortable travel for our customers. We are investigating the way our employees have handled the situation with Mrs. King. We can only confirm that our staff has requested assistance from the French police while landing the aircraft.” said American Airlines.

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