An unpleasant surprise was awaiting passengers returning from holidays in Mallorca in July with Travel Service. One of the windows in the aircraft was covered with adhesive tape. However, as an aircraft mechanic and Up Network associate Jan Cech said, there is nothing to worry about. Such tapes are commonly used in aviation.

“If it was an aluminum tape then it is a tape approved by the Aviation Federation. The manufacturer, strength, adhesiveness and so on are designated. For example, if panels fall down it can be corrected with the tape.” said UP NEWS Jan Cech, aircraft Mechanic.

There are three types of this tape – and specifically the aluminum one is used on the outer body as well. For example, some parts of airbuses filled in with silicone are normally secured like that.

“It’s not like the tape should hold something, it just secures the rubber so it doesn’t fall off and the airplane doesn’t have to stand because of such small thing.” add Cech.

But the couple who sat at this window was quite scared.

“When I noticed the window I went to ask a flight attendant if she could give us other seats. The flight attendant only told me that she has to ask the main flight attendant. She then returned and said they had no other seats. She just told us it wasn’t serious and left.” said Klara, passenger.

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